Why I cant play Bioshock

I willing to concede at the outset that I’m a hypocrite on the issue of killing people in video games, many a time I’ve killed digital people from the Defias brotherhood in wow to soldiers in battlefield 2/2142 ect.So why cant I  play Bioshock?.

One of the enemies in  game are called “little sisters” and although not human underneath they are represented as little girls.This is ,according to  Joe McDonagh from irrational games to provide some moral ambiguity while playing bioshock:

When we changed it to a little girl, it completely changed the dynamic of the experience. What we want to do is create a game which deals with moral shades of grey and doesn’t try and patronise us with two-dimensional cut outs – like a Disney take on what is right and what is wrong. The real world doesn’t operate like that – it’s not “Oh! He’s good, he’s bad!” We thought that gamers are mature enough, sophisticated enough to deal with sophisticated moral issues”.

I get it, and of course his right, rarely in the real world are issues clear cut and I understand that you can play the game without killing the little sisters.It seems like a bit of a ham fisted approach to injecting sophistication into a game but that aside-no matter what the rationale behind the little sisters being killed in game I just cant approve of it.

Reading the bit about not approving of a game makes my sound a bit stuffy and i’m not like that at all,and i think in game there is not a graphic representation of the killing of the little sisters….still

So what eh?

Just another guy on a blog saying he wont play Bioshock and I’m  sure the game will probably be a runaway success, however I think a lot of gamers will be looking for a good fps gaming experience, not a moral walk through the park. 


~ by tehhugh on July 4, 2007.

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